My practice converges over how the ideas as 'objects', expressed in a certain language, media and scale, gain their status and how that status culturally and psychologically influences our experience.Kiril Kuzmanov

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Week of Contemporary Art 2021. Kiril Kuzmanov
Guerrilla art. Video in public space.

Who Controls the Controllers, 2009-2011

Still image from video documentation, NTSC, 4:3, sound, 00:03:19; bicycle, a megaphone that is repeatedly emitting in Mandarin: Shei-lai Koíngzhi Koíngzizhe (Who Controls the Controllers), Chang’an Avenue (literally Eternal Peace Street), Beijing.Who Controls the Controllers is a part of the Untameable Is the Wind (2008-), an independent project by the artist Kiril Kuzmanov, the first part of which came to a close in April 2010. The artist embarked on an eleven-month journey on land, passing through remote and urbanised areas in Turkey, The Republic of Kyrgyzstan, The Republic of Kazakhstan, The Russian Federation, The Republic of Altai, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Nepal, Lo Manthang, India, and Kashmir.


The Answer of All Questions, 2009

four still images of an NTSC video, sound, 0:30. Loop



Kiril Kuzmanov (b. in Sofia, currently reside in London) studied at The National School of Art, Smolyan, Bulgaria (1995-2000). He consequently received a BA (2007) and an MA (2010) from the Department of Sculpture at The National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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