The term 'quarantine' comes from the Latin XL QUADRAGINTA - forty. This was the period during which ships arriving in Italy from plague-prone areas had to remain in ISOLATION.

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Week of Contemporary Art 2021. 7+1 Art Group Yohannes Artinyan, Pantcho Kurtev, Ilko Nikolchev, Kamen Tsvetkov. ХL Project - Art installation

ISOLATION - this concept entered our world like a tsunami. In our local context The 'quarantine' has broken up the 'atoms' of our already fragmented society. How long, can each of us 'exist' outside our social relationships? What’s happening to us when we are forced to be shipwrecked in our own uninhabited islands? The installation of 7 + 1 Art Group is a kind of 'portrait', a look 'outside' of our current status. The project has neither the ambition, nor the goal to categorize, give grades or judgments. It is asking questions. Everyone has to find the answers on their own ... in ISOLATION.


About 7+1 Art Group

The 7+1 Art Group was established in 1997 by the sculptors Kamen Tsvetkov, Ilko Nikolchev, Stephan Hadjiev, Pancho Kurtev, Yohannes Artinyan, Krassimir Angelov, the architect Georgi Daskalov and the curator Ilina Koralova. A major trend in the Groups professional quest has been the problematising of social and physical norms by means of large-scale sculptural installations in a social environment, outdoor and indoor spaces.

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