I have no general concept. I don't have a favorite media. There is no point in doing the same thing in Said / Lebanon / in Eastern Europe / Bulgaria / or in Germany. I need a different solution at different times, places and situations. Yohannes Artinyan

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Week of Contemporary Art 2021. Yohannes Artinyan

Yohannes Artinyan and M.A. in art. Winner of numerous awards in sculpture (his academic subject), architecture and web design. Yohannes is a co-founder of Art Group 7+1 which is one of the most important art groups in Bulgarian contemporary art. Art Group 7+1 is the first art formation in Bulgaria with a focus on art in a social environment. Yohannes Artinyan has realized projects in the field of - architecture, scenography, art installations, net art and others. He has over 15 solo exhibitions and participated in over 60 group exhibitions and art events in Bulgaria, Japan, Germany, Serbia, Lebanon, USA.

Yohannes Artinyan

Born on May 5th 1965, Plovdiv. Bulgaria. Visual Artist, Web Designer and Web Developer .

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